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Title: Black Coffee and Dark Chocolate Biscott Part 5
Rating: G
Summary: Jack discovers Sophie’s new friendship and Pitch discovers something entirely new.
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“So I saw the coolest thing in the Himalayas and-” Jack stopped mid-sentence and halfway through Jamie’s window. The pair stared at each other, frozen in place until Jack burst into laughter, falling the rest of the way inside to roll around on Jamie’s floor, howling hysterically.

Trance broken, Jamie flushed bright red as he tried his best to keep some composure while dressed in a frilly purple tutu and a glittery tiara. The wooden sword hanging from his waist only made the getup more ridiculous. He crossed his arms, lips pursed in an embarrassed pout. “Sophie wanted to have a princess tea party and Cupcake couldn’t come over. Shut up.”

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Ed couldn’t help but laugh at the little girl. Kids were notorious for being able to see things grownups couldn’t. He had gotten used to interacting with a lot of kids after becoming a ghost. 

“Howdy doo indeed,” he laughed, reaching out to flick her on the forehead. Even if he couldn’t touch people, pretending to touch them always got them a little cold, which was usually funny. “Are you a cowboy today, or are you just excited?”


She yelped as his fingers made her forehead tingle and chills run down her spine. What was that? Curiously, Sophie smacked his hand, only to go through it. “I’m a princess not a cowboy and are you a ghost?!”

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Title: Black Coffee and Dark Chocolate Biscott Part 4
Rating: G
Summary: Too much fun can be dangerous
Read also on: ff.net or ao3

A note accompanied his nighttime treat. That was a first.

It had been almost two months since Sophie left her first gift. There had been a total of nineteen trays left on her floor, excluding the current one that Pitch stared at. He had been sure the sixteenth tray had been the last, for it was the one before he gave her a much needed nightmare. When tray seventeen tickled his awareness several nights after her nightmare, Pitch had been in disbelief. The child continuously surprised and confused him.

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 Of course Jack took his sweet time counting out the rest of the numbers out loud, giving the little girl the best chance at actually hiding from him. Which was not very likely in the first place since Jack was a master at this game. When he reaches fifty he pulls his hands away from his face, a spark of mischief coming to him as he dashes off to find her. Under the bed, behind the huge stuffed animal, in the closet, she wasn’t there. Jamie was in his room so he didn’t bother going in there, her parent’s had their door shut. The bathroom was a quick sweep, as was the kitchen and living room. Which meant the backyard was the last place she could be. Stepping out slowly Jack scans his surroundings, examining the piles of snow he’d put earlier that day. When his eyes lock on the fort the boys had made (that Jack had helped with) he walks towards it, humming to himself, “Gosh, I can’t seem to find Sophine anywhere. I do hope she’s in the backyard!” He calls out loud enough for her to hear him.

Sophie was shivering by the time Jack made his was to the backyard. She clamped her hands over her mouth to stop not only her chattering teeth, but the giggles that threatened to give her position away. Despite the cold, Sophie was not going to give up her hiding spot! It had taken Jack so long just to check the backyard! This had to be a record!

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